How to kick your bad habit.

We understand the challenge of quitting cold turkey, which can be tough on your brain. Here are 5 ways Füm makes quitting easier.

1. Füm is the healthiest nicotine alternative 🌱

FUM gives you a similar experience, without the vapor or the nicotine. And it leaves you without the coughing, mood swings, cravings, and other side effects that come with the nicotine habit.

2. Füm is designed for fidgeting 👋🏼

Instead of reaching for a negative habit, Füm is designed with many features for natural fidgeting. Füm’s fidgeting features include a turning and sliding barrel, a magnetic closure, and adjustable airflow to feel like the real thing. Füm is a great way to bring a fidget-friendly tool with you everywhere you go, while creating positive habits.

3. You'll go from a six to a ten 🌇🍷🎷😘

4 out of 5 people said that they prefer partners who don't have bad habits or addictions. With Füm, you can live your life confidently and meet new people, without having to worry about your next nic-fix.

4. No vapor, no nicotine, just naturally flavoured air. 🤤

All Füm flavors are specifically formulated with non-addictive, natural plant extracts for rich, delicious flavors. In many negative habits, there is a flavor component that can be missed in the transition to a new habit. By having great tasting flavors, Füm offers a natural alternative to the flavor component of habits.

5. Over 150,000 people have made the switch to Füm 🤝🔥

Over 150,00 people, just like you have, replaced their bad habit with Füm. Try it today - and if you don't love it, we'll refund you. No questions asked.

Beat the habit today.

Over 150,000 happy customers

The Journey Pack

The ultimate starter pack for switching to The Good Habit! 

The Journey Pack includes:

  • Füm Prominent device with Maple Barrel

  • Clean Kit (1 microfiber cloth, 1 pipe cleaner)

  • Your choice of either: 3 Citrus Cores, 3 Original Cores, or all 6 Cores

  • Your choice to customize and add a Rosewood Barrel or Olive Wood Barrel

Start for just $89