Upgrade Your Flavored Air Device To FÜM Solano

Upgrade Your Flavored Air Device To FÜM Solano

FÜM Solano is the latest addition to our flavored air device lineup. Let's dive into the features that make Solano a must-have for FÜMans looking to enhance their journey towards good habits.

Smooth Onyx Black Mouthpiece:

The first thing that may catch your eye is the Onyx Black mouthpiece. The Solano mouthpiece is made from 304 grade stainless steel (the same high quality metal we use for the Prominent mouthpiece). However, the Onyx Black coating is made from a thin layer of titanium, which gives it a slightly smoother, velvety finish. We find this makes it feel less harsh on your teeth, and keeps the mouthpiece a little warmer to the touch. Not to mention, it looks hella cool! 

Premium Walnut Barrel:

With Solano comes the introduction of our Walnut Barrel, a premium wood type with rich, deep tones. As with our range of wooden barrels, you’ll be able to enjoy the natural flowing grains, unique to each device.

Upgraded Packaging:

The Solano Journey Pack is the first FÜM product to launch in our brand new packaging. We’ve upgraded your unboxing experience in the hopes of starting your good habit journey in the most inspiring way possible! Inside your Solano Journey Pack box, you’ll find a useful guide, a tear-off Habit Tracker, a Clean Kit, and some fun stickers. 

Upgrade your Journey Pack to Solano today to experience a step-up in luxury, and a cool unboxing experience. It also makes the perfect gift boxed in our stylish new packaging!