The Science of Tasting Great

The Science of Tasting Great

A Closer Look into our Retro Sweets Cores

At FÜM, we are pretty obsessed with concocting exciting and delicious Core flavors, using only natural ingredients. Our goal is to stimulate your entire palate by layering natural ingredients to create bold and complex flavors. 

But why is this important in forming good habits?

Our sensory system is able to distinguish a staggering 100,000 different flavors. When you taste something, signals are sent to your ‘ventral forebrain’, where they stimulate the areas responsible for storing emotional memories. This is called your taste memory.

All three flavors of our new Retro Sweets Collection were specially created to fire up your taste memory, and connect you to your past. This nostalgic feeling is particularly prominent in our Cinnamon Hearts Core. When you taste it, you’re not just remembering your first crush who worked at the local candy store, you’re also remembering how you felt at the time.

How do we do this? 

Well, each flavor features a high, middle and base note. This depth of flavor creates a rounded profile that not only tastes great, but takes you on a tantalizing journey. Take our Black Licorice Core. At first, you might taste aromatic spice, then a burst of tangy anise, and finally the sweet warmth of cinnamon.

Ever wondered why mint tastes cold?

Mint plants produce menthol molecules that trick our ‘somatosensory system’ (the part of our brain that’s responsible for touch) into thinking it’s cold, even though it’s not. Our Spearmint Ice Core keeps your mouth fresh, your brain switched on, and your sinuses clear - and when inhaled, it really feels like you’re making a fresh start.

See, we really put the science behind flavor to bring you Cores that inspire, evoke and soothe, all in the name of keeping you going with The Good Habit!

What memories will the taste of our Retro Sweets Cores remind you of? Try them all in the Retro Sweets Cores Bundle to find out!