Our Story

Our Story

It’s October, 2017. As co-founders, we met at a local coffee shop and  began laying out plans of how we were going to take Füm™ from being a great product to a functioning business. I still remember the excitement we had--it was energizing. We all loved the product and we had gathered some basic indicators of consumer demand; we had great dreams. 

At that meeting we committed to launching Füm™ in the upcoming months. In hindsight, we were quite bold. We were optimists and problem solvers with only the slightest idea of what we needed to do, but we knew that we could do it

It was in the early months of 2018 that we officially launched Füm™. We had put in hours whenever and wherever we could, while all still working other jobs or pushing through classes in college. In a Steve Jobs-like fashion, the original production shop was built in a rustic  basement room we “rented” from parent’s of two of our co-founders. We were excited and optimistic, looking to build something that could make a meaningful impact in people’s lives. 

The rest of 2018 was eventful. We hired our first employees, expanded our online presence, upgraded our shop from a basement room to a whole garage (luxury!) and continued to grow as a business. Above all, we started to hear back from customers that our product was improving people's lives and wellness. We were overjoyed and knew that we were headed in a good direction--reviews go a long way for encouraging young entrepreneurs.

Throughout the years of 2019- 2022, we continued to spend significant time innovating our production systems and testing for future products. Our voice grew in clarity and message, and we spent significant time creating and experimenting with ways to educate consumers on our mission, values, product, and story. We weathered the stress and storm of having intense cashflow crunches, working out our inner team communication, and identifying roles and responsibilities. Our vision, to create a world where positive habits seize the day, and reason for existing as a business kept us propelling forward. 

At the end of 2022, after over 2 years of development, we launched the Füm V2. This launch was the culmination of feedback from thousands of customers and intentional design of our engineers, combined with principles we had learned along the way through the various studies conducted on quitting smoking or vaping- having something to fill the void of flavor, fidget and the habit component was a breakthrough. Füm V2 seeks to fill those gaps. 

From the beginning, Füm has been focussed on empowering people towards better habits. We are so excited to see that unfold for our customers and community. Thank you for being a part of our journey, we eagerly anticipate the ways we can continue to make a difference in the world together!