Cleaning Your Füm

Cleaning Your Füm

We recommend cleaning your Füm between each Core. To do this, we have included a microfibre cloth and pipe cleaner in each Journey Pack. You can also replenish your Füm cleaning supplies by purchasing the Clean Kit, which includes two new microfibre cloths and three new pipe cleaners. 


Why Your Füm needs Cleaning


The simplest answer to why you should clean your Füm is simple, cause using it, results in it getting dirty! But to break it down a little more than that, there are a couple reasons we recommend it:

  • Reduces potential buildup of bacteria in your Füm 
  • Keeps your Füm looking fresh and aids in maintaining the durability of your Füm 
  • Helps remove residual flavor left from a previous Core that could alter the flavour of your new Core
How to Clean Your Füm 
How to clean your Füm


Cleaning FAQS


Can you clean the Füm V2 with water?

The Füm V2 is created from stainless steel, with a sealed maple barrel. Cleaning the mouthpiece with water is safe, but ensure that the Füm dries out completely. Alternatively, you can dampen a pipe cleaner to clean the inside, 
We don't recommend putting the wooden barrel directly under running water, as wood is porous and can easily be damaged from water. However, you can dampen a pipe cleaner and insert it inside the barrel to clean the stainless steel interior.  


Can you use Cleaners on your Füm V2?

For safety reasons, we do not recommend ever using a cleaner on your Füm, as Füm is a product used in your mouth and cleaners are not safe for such applications. 


Can you use water with dish soap on your V2?

If you need to use any cleaner on your Füm V2, we recommend using the pipe cleaner dipped in warm water mixed with a bit of dish soap. Then follow with a pipe cleaner dipped in just clean water without dish soap to rinse it. Dry your Füm completely before using. 


Where can you get Füm cleaning supplies?

Every Journey Pack includes 1 pipe cleaner and 1 microfibre cloth. You can replenish your supply through the Füm Clean Kit, that includes 3 pipe cleaners and 2 microfibre cloths.