About the Core: Orange Vanilla Cores

About the Core: Orange Vanilla Cores

Orange Vanilla was inspired by the nostalgic flavor of a creamsicle (aka a Solero)! The smooth flavor of vanilla combined with zesty, fresh orange gives us this simple, sweet and citrusy core flavor that's sure to delight. 


Flavor Complex: Sweet and citrusy, with a touch of vanilla. 


Shall we take a closer look? The flavor of these cores comes from some expected origins, the plant extracts of Sweet Orange, Blood Orange, Bergamot, Lime and Vanilla. The flavors are smooth and light, with a slightly lower intensity than some of our other flavors, like Crisp Mint or Sparkling Grapefruit.


For the connoisseurs...


When formulating cores flavors, we look to build flavors that have three notes. The first note you taste at the front of your mouth is the high note. The next flavor you taste is typically the base note, which you taste more in the exhale. The mid note is rarely very noticeable, but it fills that middle ground between the high and base notes, acting as a bridging flavor. 


In Orange Vanilla Cores, the two types of orange fill the high notes, the middle notes come from the bergamot and lime, and the base note is vanilla.  


Orange Vanilla cores are a sweet summertime mix. A crowd pleaser that we're excited for you to try!

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